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Friday, July 31, 2009

Today -- 31 Jul'09

The past few weeks, have been really mixed for me. With all the feelings flowing in - all at the same time made me and my life go haywire, in the process of developing my so called self-emote, I went back to my cocoon, to go, sit back and think my life over.
Did I really needed to be sad? Did I really needed to be frustrated and pained about stuff, which dint matter and touch me? Do I have to take everything on me? Did I really needed to be upset about a future which had not yet come, and let the days just pass by....
Sometimes you are fed up, playing parts to your securely divided life.
How many parts do you have to play in a single day..?? Knowing that its a pressure, still you are expected to carry each part with vigor. Is it even necessary..?? Or Is it that difficult to be playing what you actually are..??

Cant we just live the life as we are, Why is it that even before you are born, frames are already set which you are expected to follow. And we unconsciously keep on doing that very stuff and the we realise is when we are already a slave of the system we have started to hate.

If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, youfind it quite intolerable; think of it as a place of training and correction and it's not so bad.
- CS Lewis

Is there a way out then..?? Can the things come back to normal..?? Can the life be back on the track we intend it to be on..

I wish I get my answers soon...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The weekend...!!! 24 Apr'09 - 26 Apr'09

Friday, The 24 Apr'09

Finally it was Friday, and there I was heading towards office, with my packed bags so that I could leave for home. I was going to my Nani's (maternal grandmother's) place, and was really excited, as had not been there for the last 3 years or something. But, when I entered office I had no idea, that it wont be that easy.
My leave application was rejected, and do you even call a leave. we have half days on Saturdays, and I was denied a leave on that day. It was bad and yeah obviously it effected my mood badly. All my plans had crashed. But here's where the story took a complete twist. I, who was so bugged with all this regular practice, literally started crying and guess what, I got the day off :P
LOL. So finally I had made that stupid practice work, which obviously was not intentional and yeah I did had to face comments like - "Ladkiyon ka ek hi toh hathiyaaar hota hai, chal finally tere kaam aa gaya rona." ( Girls have one tool- crying, and so finally yours worked well for you.) Humph.... Though even I was thinking on the same lines, but why to agree in front of others. Whatever it was, finally I was a happier soul who had the next day off, still the mornings event dint leave my mind that cooler. The worst part was I cried and succumbed to the weaker me, which obviously I dint approve of.

Reached Home quite late that night. The best part about going home is obviously the food and warm welcome.
It was a Friday, and my mom dint let me watch any show that day, coz she had a point there - had to wake up early next day, so she made us all go to bed early - it was 1am - do you call it early - I do..!! :P

Saturday, The 25 Apr'09

My mom literally woke me up at 4 am sharp, and I know you guys can imagine, how it would have felt. I had had barely 3 hrs of sleep. My first words were - "You guys go ahead, I don't feel like it. Just let me sleep." :P But, now that I had made such a drama out of that off day business, I had to go. I got up and like a zombie started walking towards the washroom. At first I was not even ready to change and then, even I am surprised what went into me that i got a proper bath, got a head wash, and came out all prim and proper, Yes it was a shocker for my mom.

So we were all set - my Mom, my cousin and me, and were waiting for the cab to come over. So, this time when amazingly I was all ready the cab was 1 hr late. Still we started at 5 and off we went, We were going to my place in Gajraula, where my father and grand parents were already waiting for us to reach so that we could all start towards the place together.
My father had all plans set to torture me with his 1000 decades old songs, but I am smarter, there was not resistance from my side this time - I carry my music on my phone ;)
The journey was fun (I love long drives).

Everyone including me was so happy to see each other after such a long time, I was goin there after so many years, all my memories came back afresh. My Every summer vacation was spent there. I swear we children were a complete menace. :D

So now that I was there, started the feed Nidhi mission. I ate as soon as i reached, do you believe it..! I was so tired and full, that i dint even bother to take my plate, just reclined on the diwan and slept for 2-3 hours. I got up with a start from the noises and found so many people around me conversing and eating, what was this, i could not even imagine about eating.
But....But... when they saw that i had gotten up, i was forced to eat again [ :O :'( ], I DINT KNW WHERE TO HIDE MYSELF. There were no options, and being so nice, I really dint want to hurt their sentiments by saying no and the food was so yummy, still it dint seems like to me at that time. Somehow I managed to finish portions of everything that was laid on my plate. I literally ran out of the room as soon possible and again went back to my sleep.
I had already promised to myself that I wont have any dinner. But I was so wrong. The dinner had - Kadi and roti and ounces of home made ghee, and baby natural hai khaao. Undoubtedly it was finger licking yummy, but mere pet pe itna zulm haye..

Sunday, The 26 Apr'09

3 am in the morning and I wake up with severe stomach ache, Heat ache and even my leg was aching - trust me, it was unbearable. I actually saw the night turning into the morning and wished I had not eaten that much, Now that i was awake, i dint let even my mom sleep. Dont ask me anything and i obviously wont give any explanations. So this was it. My off was completely spoilt :((. still it was fun till the time i was fine, i really got to have so yummy food, after such a long time, farm fresh Food, milk, lassi ...mmmmm.
So, it was Sunday, and time for us to depart, from the place I love, sadly enough I had to go to office the next day. But yeah, I really dint want to miss the roadies finale :P ( That was the bright side). I'd rather not talk abt the journey, it was tiring and as i had not had a proper sleep from past two nights, my head was spinning badly and my whole body was aching - Bimari ka ghar bani hui thi by God..!!

All in all it was fun, and i loved visiting the place. And the roadies finale was even better :D . I dint want Palak to win ever, and i dint feel Kiri to be that deserving, yeah I would rather have voted Sufi anytime. But yeah even Nauman is not bad, so it was good.

So there I was back home, with great new memories and not the regular sad weekend.


Current Excitement: I am planning to adopt a dog :D. M Really sooo excited abt it.
Current nervousness: I had not got any registered dogs or dog owns for Havanese :((
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be something really weird ---- (Yeah guys sorry --- I know its still pending... needed to conserve finances :(
Current High: The wish to own a pup and now even my family has agreed. What more do i want?
Current Low: I am sadly getting no clue about where to start, i have searched the Google throughout, but am not getting any info even no account of Havanese owners. :''((
Current To Do: Makeover one of my Other blog and obviously My hairdo ;) its happening this month.


Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments and something of the above changes. And as Promised... cut it...as stated I'll be more active on this one.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Today - 21 Apr'09 - The Past week..!!

Heya Peoples....

I know its been quite a while since I was away, and there was no news from my side on this Blog as promised in the previous post. So here I am today after exactly a month, to take out all.

As it would have been clear, this past month I was too occupied with My medical visits and yes THE JOB too was keeping me busy.

The bad part is when I started writing this post, I was literally in high spirits, saved it as a draft, and after two hours straight I come back with a little low mood. Why can't some people just stay where they are - Away from MY LIFE, STOP interfering and telling me what I gotta do - Get a reality check dude - look into yourself and tell me what you do and then point a finger to me. (I know cant say that on his face - one of my seniors - today he completely made my life hell.)

Hmm... to start with..... I tell you guys, these doctors and specially Hospitals are like vultures, rather leeches, who wont leave you until who are completely out of your money, patience and totally forgotten for what reasons you approached them. I literally met one of these kind of a doctor (surgeon). I had to go under this minor surgery and he was making quite a big deal out of it. I mean he called me three times in a day and then returned us...and then at the end he tells us, I have to get admitted. (Just because he had come to know - I had this cashless insurance card) And after what to say some half hour discussion rather heated argument, I had a fight with him. And guess what I get to hear from the receptionist..?? she refuses to even enter my details and tells me - "First satisfy the doctor." and this actually infuriated me -"Since when this has started to happen? The doctors needs to satisfy the patient or is it vice-versa these days" she had it from me and then the doctor came walking down, and I dunno why started shouting at me at the reception are and that obviously was his biggest mistake. :D :P

So, I walk out without the surgery and go to a better Hospital. The best surgeon I could ever meet. He is actually a gem and soooo sweet. He was a very senior surgeon and still treat even my minute problem very sweetly, still, I knew this time I would be having it under local anesthesia, still I was confident and doctor for sure got me at ease. It was just a 20-30 min thing, painful yes, but I finally got rid of that painful abscess. It was so relieving.

And then followed the weeks of dressings... which were really painful, but yeah couldnot help and guess what the doc had to say - "hey you have now become a strong girl!" ... yeah.. I guess so.. :)

Nothing exciting in my life, for the past month, except, the job taking most of my weekdays and weekends. The scene everywhere is the same and so no comments there. Still I look forward for the sun to rise and shower his warm blessings on me, and Yes, a better future ahead :P

So that's that. Now that I am all fit and fine, I'll promise...cut it..say I'll be more active from now on. :)

Current Excitement: Planning for a gang outing, hope it turns out well :)
Current nervousness: Hope Everything goes well on my career front..**fingers crossed**
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be smthin really weird ---- (Yeah guys sorry --- I knw its still pending... needed to conserve finances :(
Current High: Going home this weekend :)
Current Low: Waiting for that opportunity. Dunno, it will come or not :'(
Current To Do: Makeover one of my Other blog.

Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments and something of the above changes. And as Promised... cut it...as stated I'll be more active on this one.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Today - 20th Mar'09 - The Past week..!!

This past week, had really been both amazing and sad for me. At one point it was marvelous and at the other it was crappy.
The weekend started with me partying with friends on the Friday. But with the added working hours on Saturdays, we had to bounce back to our home early.
Then came the much talked about Saturday, which was completely overbooked for me at least. First half was dedicated to the job, and later part was the best i had in recent times. I went out with best of my friends for lunch at 'Chowk' - (serves Indian and mughlai kinda cuisines) and then went for a movie. The movie part was funny, coz the movie was an average one - which both of us had already seen and to top it, Both of us were soooo sleepy - All thanks to the heavy and filling lunch.
And dere actually came moments when both of us were dozing off on our seats. :P

So after the movie got over, it was already too late. We had to rush to our homes.

Sunday was what i would still rate better, coz I finally got the pair of shoes I have been dyin to buy from the last few weeks. :D. I even dedicated a full post over it, which you can obviously read here...

So, the weekend, as you can see was quite happening kinds... but sadly I missed Roadies, this sunday :( and dint even get any time to catch throughout the week - due to odd office timings.

The week too has nothin to boast about, other than me not keeping well, I morning I wake up and Deres this angry burn on my right arm above the elbow, due to which I have been under medications (which includes a lot of antibiotics) and tests and what not. Whichj are making me go really weak, almost kille dmy appetite. My Doctor on the other hand is so keen on increasing my tension and she too seems to be really tensed and I obviously cant understand any jargon that she has to discuss with her husband. I hate going to doctors, and regular medicines completely kill my tastebuds and I hate it..!! and guess what... she's written, few more tests...aagghhh.. so my weekend obviously would be consumed in this. How nice.

Current Excitement: None.
Current nervousness: Hope My infection subsides, and deres no need of incision. :(
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be smthin really weird ----
Current High: None.
Current Low: More tests for me..

Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day Today - 6 Mar'09 - Saturdays are Now Working :( :(

Saturdays are working for me.... boohoohoo... **sniff**sniff**. No more packing up on Fridays, Instantly the week has become so long... humph.

The day today - I came into the office without any feeling of bliss. Fridays used to be stressful but still we could see the the silver lining of Saturday being an off day. But yeah the bombshell of Saturday becoming working fell on all of us, and they think by allowing casuals on that day, they can make up.... :( :( BIG NO..!!

The happy feelings have gone... **sniff**sniff** Saturday being working just doesn't fit in. Alright, it might be just a half day, but still it is working and what chance would we have of leaving office at half day, if theirs still job to be done... aagghh.

text describing the image ... The world seems to be crashing over .... well that seems to be an overstatement. GAWD... I cant believe how much I cribbed about it... but I think you guys would agree, that it is bad :(. heeh.. okyes I wont start again. Coz you guys have had enough of my cribbing, and I know all of you are busy. and too stressed out yourselves to listen to my cribbing... ok ok I am stopping here... dont kill me ok. :)

Current Excitement: Gotta shop and order for the shoe I am dying to get my hands rather feet on.
Current nervousness: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?///
Current Anticipation: Whether I would be able to leave office at half day...???///
Current High: The idea of getting those shoes..finally :D
Current Low: Saturday being working and what if I dont get those shoes....

So, that's the Update on the current Heart, Soul & Mind situation.

For the rest... will keep you posted..!!

And for the achievement part, I have finally been able to get a net connect activated from My cell phone, that you can connect to he PC, so finally net would be on and I would be more regular... yippee...!! :) Ciao.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend at 'Corbett..!!" - 20 Feb'09 - 23 Feb'09

Friday - 20 Feb'09

When I entered office in the morning, with all my baggage, so that I could go home directly from the office later, Who had thought.. the whole planned out weekend had something else to offer.

So, the day started with the usual work, gossips and pressures, and with the Friday being the busiest my mind had nothing else to think except work, work and more work and a determination to complete my work, so that I could leave for home a bit early, and get complete three days of the extended weekend to myself.
Ever faced a situation when you know, you have completed your task, but there is one task remaining for you to finishing, but that final task is not happening due to someone Else's delay. Phew... it actually gets very frustrating for me, when adding to it - its a Friday and I have plans for going home, which makes it for me a 1 and a half hr journey. Just imagine how irritating it gets, when you know, you will get late and may be even have to cancel your plans.
So while, whole these ideas were on my mind and were making my concentration levels to fall, one of my friend colleague, invites me to a weekend holiday trip, and I very sweetly - thinking it to be a big joke, shun the idea. " wow..sure!! here I am sitting idly and waiting to get my job finished, to run home, ASAP. And 'She' is busy cracking Jokes".
But she was apparently not joking and, putting me into a state of big time confusion, was waiting for my response, which obviously became a yes after a bit of mindful thinking. The plans I had decided for the weekend could happen even the next weekend but who gets to go to a trip every weekend. So there I was all geared up and now eagerly waiting for the job to get finished so that I could leave with her for the Trip.
So the idea for the weekend Trip, was to go to the Jim Corbett National Park, and dedicate the days to safari and wildlife. seemed cool... eh..??// And not every time you get to go to a Trip, where the plan's already been laid out and your part of the effort is just to make a presence, that's all.

Saturday - 21 Feb'09

My Day began at 3:20 am sharp, and with us getting ready to be able to hit the roads at 4 am, including picking up the others. So we left Delhi on Saturday morning 21st, all the way to Corbett. The best part about the whole journey was - 1) i love long drives and when 2) I was the one who knew all the directions and also helping the group with my immense knowledge of directions :D.
So, guys if anyone out there still thinks that girls are bad at directions, then you are being wronged and even if you decide not to agree then I have just one thing to say "At least don't lie to yourself" ;-P

So the journey starts at 4:20 am sharp, with 5 of us on the road. The funnest part about these journeys is that my mischievous mind gets to work, and clicking pics being my favorite hobby i got loads of chances to do that. Best still being, when half of the people were fighting their sleepy heads, and giving in to the most cherished sleep., clicking their gone to dreams faces is the best shot you can get ;) So, being busy the whole way is a task, with idle chatter and photographer in me keeping me well occupied :)
Such journey also give you the pleasure of eating out at 'Dhabas' on the highway. And anyone who's tried this knows why I am making a special mention of this roadside luxury.
My directions also tuned out to be effective where even the Google maps dint have a listing of the roads. And according to the GPS we were driving on the blank space.

We Hit the destination at 10 in the morning, and got busy with regular check ins and bookings for the Jungle Safari, which luckily turned out to be starting the same day at 1:30 pm. So we had this luxury of being ahead of time. :) So the first Safari ride was booked and yeah to top it we got great deal of time to rest, eat and get ready to hit the jungles.

The Safari ride was a great experience and would have been greater, had it been a night Safari, but then very sadly that's not permitted, and to cover that up that an early morning Safari ride on the canter had been booked, which was scheduled the next day.

The safari obviously had the vast jungle to offer and its own share of wildlife, with many species of deers, wild boars, elephants, bird species and so on. And the credit of spotting most animals goes to my friend, whose name too is, Nidhi. Throughout the journey, as I have already mentioned, the photographer in me was super active. So that makes me the owner of some really good pictures and videos.
The Safari journey gave us, a view of the wildlife, tired us, made us feel hungry, bathed us in ounces of dust and dirt and forced us to miss civilization.

Coming out of the tiring Safari actually gave everyone of us a great sigh of relief and made us realize the importance of civilization and cooked food. After giving ourselves a good dosage of Tea & Snacks, all of us the contented souls - started towards the resort we were staying in, totally oblivious that a great shock was awaiting us there.
So, adding up to our shocks and hysterics, there waiting for us was a totally different place, from the one we had left a few hours back. From being a completely nice and peaceful - quiet place it had turned into a complete fish market of sorts. The place now had 100's of children shouting and jabbering and running around. Just imagine how hard it would have hit us all, the poor holidaymakers who had been dying to relax after the strenuous jobs and long journeys, were again put on a test. So, this shocker compelled us to take refuge in our rooms and wait for the little devils to finish chores and go to sleep. So that even we could get some part of the campfire laid out for us. :( .
The dinner and late night chats had to be rushed as the next morning ride had to start from 5:45 and to catch it, we had to be up early, adding to the fact that everyone was already too tired and sleep deprived.

Sunday - 22 Feb'09

The morning call, came too soon, and I felt as if I had hardly slept and was up in no time.

Leaving the beds was actually a task and for a split second also reminded me roadies. So we were all ready in some 10-15 minutes, had breakfast and left for the much awaited, early morning canter ride, The Canter ride actually turned out to be a trip around the jungle starting from the Bijrani gate to the interiors till Dhikala, on an open Bus. So here starts the most tiring and painful safari ever. It was actually chilly out there and with all of us atop an open Bus in the Jungle, offered the best amount
of adventure. It had its own share of fun and put offs. We actually spotted many new animals in the early morning, but still coulnot track the must glorified Tiger. I mean out of those 164 Tigers we couldnot spot even one, not even the tail of the tiger, adding to the joy ride kinda feel of the bus, made the fun part complete. The next stoppage at Dhikala, some 31 km away, helped us to treat our hungry bellies a bit, with egg cheese omlettes of which we coulnot place the taste of either, and I still have those doubts alive - "Was it actually Hen egg?". Lol. Dont kill please (To whoever who had the portions :P)!

After the tiring and not to forget adventurous safari ride, the end of the Safari was what everyone was eagerly waiting for and maddenningly wanting to get the glimpse of even a speck of civilization.

Having had enough of the wildlife, we had already decided to set back, so that we could all have a full exclusive day of the Monday to us. Before that just one trip to the mostly glorified Corbett Falls, by one of the friends' was what remained. So, here we were again all set to hit the roads, and go back. So here comes yet again a change in plan.

The Corbett Falls, were some 30 km from the place we were staying and so seemed stupid for us to not take a look at the place. Gaining entry was a well played art.
I t was a really decent place and surely a place you could dedicate an hour or two. what I liked most about it was, it was on very interiors, and not commercialised, which made it still a clean and a quieter place, with a few people scattered here and there. I liked the place as it was beautiful no doubt and i got quite a time for my photography sessions. Also, the place being small, and falls being not that massive, we got to go really near to the falls, without drenching ourselves.

Now the turn of the plans was that, as Nanital was again a few 30 km's from the place we were, it would have been a mistake to skip that, so yet again, we hit the roads towars Nainital, A beautiful hill station, A lake district - as it is called. the plan was to have lunch there and spend a few hours, before starting for Delhi.
Finding a place to treat our bellies, became a task. After finding a decent looking place to eat, we could just think about food and food. So finally whenthe food arrived....cut it..... The food was.... huh..... I'd rather skip the food. We ate like animals, and then did we realise how hungry and food deprived we actually were. No one would have done that in that restaurants' history.
Nainital as I said is a beautiful place and very much commercialised. the major attraction still being the Mall Road and Tibetan Market, which offers all sorts of trinkets, memorabilia and also the usual stuff. Spending a few hours and fighting our minds over what to take and what not to, it was already time to say good bye to the chills of Nainital.

It was 6 pm, that we left the place and then began the hours long night drive to Delhi. I seriously feel sad for our friend who was driving, because he was the one who did most of the driving and dint get any rest throughout the road trip, and I would actually like to credit him for that.
The tiring journey back home, had losen out appetites and the lunch also had a great role to play. We hit Delhi-Noida at 1 am, morning of the 23rd. Decided over eating something there before going back home was a good option, and so we found a small cafe joint open at the late hours, waiting to serve us :)

The main thing that actually was on everyone mind: When would we be able to snuggle in hour beds and get that much longed after good nights sleep.

And trust me sleep came in as a bliss! :)

(You can check out some of the pictures in the 'Captured Moments' section of My Blog - 'As I Ponder Over' )

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Today - 19 Feb'09


What an idle .... tiring day. Filled with follow ups, mails and regular work. YAWN...!!

The best way to kill even the minutest amount of time left after the long hours of strenuous job, is either to sit for a coffee, idle chatter or checking mails...wow how interesting.. humph.

I just found a new and an interesting way to do that very time killing activity, and hold your breath - Lo and Behold ---- its capturing idle moments in office, and trust me.. its fun! when everyone gets involved and Your image gallery is left with some funny idle moments along with weird expressions and reactions of your colleagues.

Had a big time kinda argument oriented fight with a friend colleague, and I decided to talk only when its needed or rather professionally, but then which is near to Impossible, for me to be not speaking or chattering idly.

Current Excitement: Gotta shop and order for the shoe I am dying to get my hands rather feet on.
Current nervousness: How would the new Look turn out to be....?///
Current Anticipation: Who will it be?/ Is this it then? [Keep guessing ;) ]
Current High: 1 day more to go for the extended weekend :D
Current Low: Hurting someone unintentionally.

Well that's the Update on the current Heart, Soul & Mind situation.

For the rest... will keep you posted..!!

And comes for the achievement part - I award myself for cooking food for myself instead of giving in to lame excuses and stupid snacks and junk foodstuff. And also, getting myself home cooked food from my kitchen, and avoiding the regular Tiffinwala's Local and extremely full of garlic - food, which keeps repeating itself every 5 days.

Home cooked food feels like bliss and believe me my trips home have become the most happier ones, as me have started eating even the lamest of the food all homemade and which is actually a pain in the ass for my sister, as she has special choices and then I stress so much on Chapatis' these days that this has given even my mother a strange happiness and contentment of sorts... "Maa di Ladli Sudhar Gayi" - who just a year back, stressed so much on the most weirdest and strangest of food, which gave my mom such hysterics - "Oh how she used to hate it..!!!" and "How I loved to irritate her" ;) :D **sniff**sniff**

One mOre Day tO go...One mOre Day tO go...trAa La lA..La lA...

Ogies...byes....!!! will keep ya posted on more---- chit chat!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend - 14 Feb'09 to 18 Feb'09

Hm so the 14 was great, many plans made and canceled. And when i think about it now, i just laugh out loud, for expecting so much so soon, so that's that. When no plans came to my rescue or rather went into my favor, i finally decided to go out shopping, and guess what the whole Mall, was decorate in all red and white balloons and hangings, and everywhere it seemed people had come out to not express but prove their Love and to Say, that they don't fear anymore and they have the right to it.

I was not that in great mood to shop, so i just picked some quick utilities and also its better to wait for the new collection rather than wasting money... ( to tell you the truth, there was that huge waiting queue even for the trial rooms, that i dropped the idea of shopping all together.) Rather I decided to get my sis for a hair cut, and believe me its the best and that has inspired even me to get rid of my locks too :D i am actually very very excited for the look i have chosen for myself, just hope everything goes well.

Next day, Sunday, was again as i said, booked for my pending birthday treat. We went to this very interesting Mexican restaurant, called Sancho's in South Ex, believe me guys, it was amazing. Being a Sunday, they had arrangements for buffet style servings and we went mad over the food, and not to forget the desserts, i fell in love with the fruit Tart, oh i can still feel the mouth watering taste of it..UUMMMmmmmm......
So, then we went Window shopping, and again nothin new for me, i totally fell in love with these sandals i saw, oh they are amazingly beautiful, but to add to my sadness, they dint had my size in that collor, so i had to drop it, and i am gonna get those this weekend. :D...Yippeee...

I am badly waiting for the sale to end and the new collection to come in, I am badly in need of a good bag, common now, nothings left in the stores anymore. :(

Mon, Tue and Wed saw some big amount of work coming my way, which kept me completely occupied, an explains my absence from the blogs.
And well, thigs are finally going straight in my life, less of complications and just hapiness and bliss, finally its going the way i wanted it to. Hope this remains for quite a while.

That all for the moment, will sure keep you posted...!!!

Love ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Today - 13th Feb'09

Have just one word for today - DEPRESSING..!!

But then, all Fridays are. Depressing Fridays, teach us the value of blissfully shorter weekends. Getting two days of off for weekend is a luxury in itself.
My Yellow shoes, again made the headlines and yeah It was as i said on popular demand, me and everyone around me was missing those :( .... I love them :)

So Nothing more special about the day, But yeah further plans are of course lined up, I have movies waiting in my pen drive. Which will keep me occupied for tonight, next day is still undecided though - What am I gonna do, whether to go home and sit idle or shopping or form a plan with friends.
Sunday is completely planned out though, with friends receiving the pending Treat of my birthday, and me receiving the pending gifts from their side, what do i ask for, well something that brings a hole to their pockets, well that's something still to be figured out.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Today - 12 Feb'09

Day today, too has nothing to boast about, the regular - arguments and gossips. Work obviously remains the vital part -LOL-

Day again rose, with morning rush for getting ready, today was to expect extra efforts on my creative mind to wear something even I am not confident about, and with the regular awes and raised eyebrows from the female colleagues, anyways, now that i know i can carry it, irrespective of any looks i get or constant remarks on my guts for such experimenting.

This done, office again was the same as always, constant jabbering s from colleagues and clashing tempers were the theme for today's day at work, and with my temper being at the lose today not a good for the counterparts. The Headline story still remains, The lunch break, which had Fried rice - all made by me, and yeah waiting for one's food to get served always forces us towards over-eating, and any friend's served lunch (obviously on the same table) becomes the Hot Target for everyone's attack and respite for the hungry stomachs. After the first half's grueling work, one obviously gets a bigger appetite.
Second half has nothing interesting to talk about though, except a bit of work.

Plans for home would be to watch the pending movies, still waiting to seen by me, hope no tele-shows interests me today. But then, not my fault again, what would you chose between - watching T.V. on just a click of the remote, or to set up the Laptop with the hanging on the head knowledge of wrapping that all up in a very sleepy state, no so this always makes me to chose my television over the Lappy :) second would be to try cook food today or stick to some fruit diet for dinner, well would always depend on my mood when i reach home. Hey that reminds me to get awarded for a record breaking achievement of not eating any Maggi the whole week, only healthy and good food had been the Target for this week and yippeee, i have just 2 more days to go in fulfilling it, ( I am not counting sunday :P, coz - you never know).

This brings to the end of the jist, of today, and any new actions would obviously be updated.

By the way - sad news is I wont be able to watch Bedtime Story on the big screen **sniff**sniff** have to do with the small screen - - boohoohoo.

Ciao..!! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Today - 11 Feb'09

Wonder, wonder, wonder..... have you ever felt as if your life is going the same every day.

Its been a year and nothing new has happened, Life in itself has become a routine, in which i feel short of even time for myself added with complaints from both family and friends that i have become too occupied to care or ever put a thought. Wow seems amazing, I way because, when i had like all the time in the world, every one seemed to be too busy and now that I do not, everyone instantly seems to have felt the absence or rather to keep my self happy, i would say come to know my importance in their lives. Cool.
Of My days, well they are quite boring and inactive. Every inactive day rises with my getting up, getting dressed and running short of time - reach office the usual work or no work, seems constant, day in and day out, so again the day today seems to pass, in inaction.

Yeah, i know you cant expect much at office but, am I wrong in wishing to get back my student life - the careless, the independent, the sense of being the master of ones own life, rather that being governed.
How I wish to go on a long holiday, to a place where there are no mobile networks, and no one knows me. Hahah. Ah to dream of such a bliss... tears trickle down... lol.

wish wish wish..... keep wishing. ;)

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