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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Today - 11 Feb'09

Wonder, wonder, wonder..... have you ever felt as if your life is going the same every day.

Its been a year and nothing new has happened, Life in itself has become a routine, in which i feel short of even time for myself added with complaints from both family and friends that i have become too occupied to care or ever put a thought. Wow seems amazing, I way because, when i had like all the time in the world, every one seemed to be too busy and now that I do not, everyone instantly seems to have felt the absence or rather to keep my self happy, i would say come to know my importance in their lives. Cool.
Of My days, well they are quite boring and inactive. Every inactive day rises with my getting up, getting dressed and running short of time - reach office the usual work or no work, seems constant, day in and day out, so again the day today seems to pass, in inaction.

Yeah, i know you cant expect much at office but, am I wrong in wishing to get back my student life - the careless, the independent, the sense of being the master of ones own life, rather that being governed.
How I wish to go on a long holiday, to a place where there are no mobile networks, and no one knows me. Hahah. Ah to dream of such a bliss... tears trickle down... lol.

wish wish wish..... keep wishing. ;)

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