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Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Today - 20th Mar'09 - The Past week..!!

This past week, had really been both amazing and sad for me. At one point it was marvelous and at the other it was crappy.
The weekend started with me partying with friends on the Friday. But with the added working hours on Saturdays, we had to bounce back to our home early.
Then came the much talked about Saturday, which was completely overbooked for me at least. First half was dedicated to the job, and later part was the best i had in recent times. I went out with best of my friends for lunch at 'Chowk' - (serves Indian and mughlai kinda cuisines) and then went for a movie. The movie part was funny, coz the movie was an average one - which both of us had already seen and to top it, Both of us were soooo sleepy - All thanks to the heavy and filling lunch.
And dere actually came moments when both of us were dozing off on our seats. :P

So after the movie got over, it was already too late. We had to rush to our homes.

Sunday was what i would still rate better, coz I finally got the pair of shoes I have been dyin to buy from the last few weeks. :D. I even dedicated a full post over it, which you can obviously read here...

So, the weekend, as you can see was quite happening kinds... but sadly I missed Roadies, this sunday :( and dint even get any time to catch throughout the week - due to odd office timings.

The week too has nothin to boast about, other than me not keeping well, I morning I wake up and Deres this angry burn on my right arm above the elbow, due to which I have been under medications (which includes a lot of antibiotics) and tests and what not. Whichj are making me go really weak, almost kille dmy appetite. My Doctor on the other hand is so keen on increasing my tension and she too seems to be really tensed and I obviously cant understand any jargon that she has to discuss with her husband. I hate going to doctors, and regular medicines completely kill my tastebuds and I hate it..!! and guess what... she's written, few more tests...aagghhh.. so my weekend obviously would be consumed in this. How nice.

Current Excitement: None.
Current nervousness: Hope My infection subsides, and deres no need of incision. :(
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be smthin really weird ----
Current High: None.
Current Low: More tests for me..

Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day Today - 6 Mar'09 - Saturdays are Now Working :( :(

Saturdays are working for me.... boohoohoo... **sniff**sniff**. No more packing up on Fridays, Instantly the week has become so long... humph.

The day today - I came into the office without any feeling of bliss. Fridays used to be stressful but still we could see the the silver lining of Saturday being an off day. But yeah the bombshell of Saturday becoming working fell on all of us, and they think by allowing casuals on that day, they can make up.... :( :( BIG NO..!!

The happy feelings have gone... **sniff**sniff** Saturday being working just doesn't fit in. Alright, it might be just a half day, but still it is working and what chance would we have of leaving office at half day, if theirs still job to be done... aagghh.

text describing the image ... The world seems to be crashing over .... well that seems to be an overstatement. GAWD... I cant believe how much I cribbed about it... but I think you guys would agree, that it is bad :(. heeh.. okyes I wont start again. Coz you guys have had enough of my cribbing, and I know all of you are busy. and too stressed out yourselves to listen to my cribbing... ok ok I am stopping here... dont kill me ok. :)

Current Excitement: Gotta shop and order for the shoe I am dying to get my hands rather feet on.
Current nervousness: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?///
Current Anticipation: Whether I would be able to leave office at half day...???///
Current High: The idea of getting those shoes..finally :D
Current Low: Saturday being working and what if I dont get those shoes....

So, that's the Update on the current Heart, Soul & Mind situation.

For the rest... will keep you posted..!!

And for the achievement part, I have finally been able to get a net connect activated from My cell phone, that you can connect to he PC, so finally net would be on and I would be more regular... yippee...!! :) Ciao.

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