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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Today - 19 Feb'09


What an idle .... tiring day. Filled with follow ups, mails and regular work. YAWN...!!

The best way to kill even the minutest amount of time left after the long hours of strenuous job, is either to sit for a coffee, idle chatter or checking mails...wow how interesting.. humph.

I just found a new and an interesting way to do that very time killing activity, and hold your breath - Lo and Behold ---- its capturing idle moments in office, and trust me.. its fun! when everyone gets involved and Your image gallery is left with some funny idle moments along with weird expressions and reactions of your colleagues.

Had a big time kinda argument oriented fight with a friend colleague, and I decided to talk only when its needed or rather professionally, but then which is near to Impossible, for me to be not speaking or chattering idly.

Current Excitement: Gotta shop and order for the shoe I am dying to get my hands rather feet on.
Current nervousness: How would the new Look turn out to be....?///
Current Anticipation: Who will it be?/ Is this it then? [Keep guessing ;) ]
Current High: 1 day more to go for the extended weekend :D
Current Low: Hurting someone unintentionally.

Well that's the Update on the current Heart, Soul & Mind situation.

For the rest... will keep you posted..!!

And comes for the achievement part - I award myself for cooking food for myself instead of giving in to lame excuses and stupid snacks and junk foodstuff. And also, getting myself home cooked food from my kitchen, and avoiding the regular Tiffinwala's Local and extremely full of garlic - food, which keeps repeating itself every 5 days.

Home cooked food feels like bliss and believe me my trips home have become the most happier ones, as me have started eating even the lamest of the food all homemade and which is actually a pain in the ass for my sister, as she has special choices and then I stress so much on Chapatis' these days that this has given even my mother a strange happiness and contentment of sorts... "Maa di Ladli Sudhar Gayi" - who just a year back, stressed so much on the most weirdest and strangest of food, which gave my mom such hysterics - "Oh how she used to hate it..!!!" and "How I loved to irritate her" ;) :D **sniff**sniff**

One mOre Day tO go...One mOre Day tO go...trAa La lA..La lA...

Ogies...byes....!!! will keep ya posted on more---- chit chat!


mamta said...

Well i agree wth u for dis borin day....Yawn...But i think fight is a part of entertainment in office b'coz dont have any work to do.Yaar nidhi wat all stuff is dis..where is ur creativity gone...vanished sumwhere...lets search...i suppose u r lost sumwhere else...get ur creativity back nd post sum interestin thought..ok nd chill yaar...life is too long to live nd moments r too less express urself..its gud enough u can expres urself in words..so make the fullest of it....nd now stop yawnning...

иidhi S said...

Point noted Madame...!!! :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

Wow I love this blog. I haven't created the Art Flag yet under the solo link for your blog yet on my blog.

Would you like me to use the solo link for this blog?

иidhi S said...

@ Robert

sure dat would be great. Thanks for appreciating it so much. :)

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