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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Today - 21 Apr'09 - The Past week..!!

Heya Peoples....

I know its been quite a while since I was away, and there was no news from my side on this Blog as promised in the previous post. So here I am today after exactly a month, to take out all.

As it would have been clear, this past month I was too occupied with My medical visits and yes THE JOB too was keeping me busy.

The bad part is when I started writing this post, I was literally in high spirits, saved it as a draft, and after two hours straight I come back with a little low mood. Why can't some people just stay where they are - Away from MY LIFE, STOP interfering and telling me what I gotta do - Get a reality check dude - look into yourself and tell me what you do and then point a finger to me. (I know cant say that on his face - one of my seniors - today he completely made my life hell.)

Hmm... to start with..... I tell you guys, these doctors and specially Hospitals are like vultures, rather leeches, who wont leave you until who are completely out of your money, patience and totally forgotten for what reasons you approached them. I literally met one of these kind of a doctor (surgeon). I had to go under this minor surgery and he was making quite a big deal out of it. I mean he called me three times in a day and then returned us...and then at the end he tells us, I have to get admitted. (Just because he had come to know - I had this cashless insurance card) And after what to say some half hour discussion rather heated argument, I had a fight with him. And guess what I get to hear from the receptionist..?? she refuses to even enter my details and tells me - "First satisfy the doctor." and this actually infuriated me -"Since when this has started to happen? The doctors needs to satisfy the patient or is it vice-versa these days" she had it from me and then the doctor came walking down, and I dunno why started shouting at me at the reception are and that obviously was his biggest mistake. :D :P

So, I walk out without the surgery and go to a better Hospital. The best surgeon I could ever meet. He is actually a gem and soooo sweet. He was a very senior surgeon and still treat even my minute problem very sweetly, still, I knew this time I would be having it under local anesthesia, still I was confident and doctor for sure got me at ease. It was just a 20-30 min thing, painful yes, but I finally got rid of that painful abscess. It was so relieving.

And then followed the weeks of dressings... which were really painful, but yeah couldnot help and guess what the doc had to say - "hey you have now become a strong girl!" ... yeah.. I guess so.. :)

Nothing exciting in my life, for the past month, except, the job taking most of my weekdays and weekends. The scene everywhere is the same and so no comments there. Still I look forward for the sun to rise and shower his warm blessings on me, and Yes, a better future ahead :P

So that's that. Now that I am all fit and fine, I'll promise...cut it..say I'll be more active from now on. :)

Current Excitement: Planning for a gang outing, hope it turns out well :)
Current nervousness: Hope Everything goes well on my career front..**fingers crossed**
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be smthin really weird ---- (Yeah guys sorry --- I knw its still pending... needed to conserve finances :(
Current High: Going home this weekend :)
Current Low: Waiting for that opportunity. Dunno, it will come or not :'(
Current To Do: Makeover one of my Other blog.

Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments and something of the above changes. And as Promised... cut it...as stated I'll be more active on this one.


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...


u defn gave the doctor a good dose...I guess from now on he will cautious with girls :P

heheheh and I hope u get to fulfill all the wishlist u mentioned in the botton and I am very glad that u r fit and fine...though i am waiting for the new hairstyle of my beautiful frnd...

and sometimes it gets easy if u learn how to avoid grasping every damn thing people say to u..just learn to ignore it


иidhi S said...

:D Yeah... i did. Lol.

Hmm i hope the same.. the wishlist though is never ending, but still have to take on one at a time. and for the new hairstyle part, my mom's gonna kill me, as i've grown longer hair, n m planning to cut them short.

I try hard hard mate, but then dere are some things you just cnt ignore, specially when its intolerable anymore and u just cn afford to take enough - results into: Outburst. I am learning.

pisku said...

Hi Nidhi,

Guess first time here and I enjoyed reading ur straight from the heart style of writing. As per your fears and wishes, may all fears dissappear and keep dreaming!

Thanks for your comments and for following my blog :) I'm linking you up !

pisku said...

Hi Nidhi!

First time here and I enjoyed reading your straight from the heart style of writing. I hope your well healed now. And for your insecurities and fears, trust me all of us share moments of those !

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I'm linking you up!

иidhi S said...

@ Pisku

Hey thanks for the stop and linking me up :)
Thanks, for liking it and as I said I'll be on with my updates so keep track :)

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