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Monday, November 5, 2012

Today and Everyday...Just Fighting it out...!!

Have u guys ever felt sick of something or some body in particular... and is it okay to feel such immense hatred for someone that u knw u will just blast...huh. Yup i am going through a similar phase ans trust me its no good. Its taking a toll over my emotions and made me so temperamental that even i am not able to guess my next reaction to things..!!

I want this person I am talking about to just get out of my life and never show his damn face again. Makes me go so sick, even the idea of having him around...so, so sick.

How can somebody just cant understand the boundaries that u are trying to set up, are they soo blind or just chose to ignore..huh. Assholes and Bitches..!! (Oops, did I just say that.)

Well sorry but, I am in a very screwed up state of mind and am actually grasping for words out here.. and when I think about it, only swear words are the ones I can think about.. :((

I really wish to get out of this phase and pray to God to please get me out of this bullshit...!!

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