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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The weekend...!!! 24 Apr'09 - 26 Apr'09

Friday, The 24 Apr'09

Finally it was Friday, and there I was heading towards office, with my packed bags so that I could leave for home. I was going to my Nani's (maternal grandmother's) place, and was really excited, as had not been there for the last 3 years or something. But, when I entered office I had no idea, that it wont be that easy.
My leave application was rejected, and do you even call a leave. we have half days on Saturdays, and I was denied a leave on that day. It was bad and yeah obviously it effected my mood badly. All my plans had crashed. But here's where the story took a complete twist. I, who was so bugged with all this regular practice, literally started crying and guess what, I got the day off :P
LOL. So finally I had made that stupid practice work, which obviously was not intentional and yeah I did had to face comments like - "Ladkiyon ka ek hi toh hathiyaaar hota hai, chal finally tere kaam aa gaya rona." ( Girls have one tool- crying, and so finally yours worked well for you.) Humph.... Though even I was thinking on the same lines, but why to agree in front of others. Whatever it was, finally I was a happier soul who had the next day off, still the mornings event dint leave my mind that cooler. The worst part was I cried and succumbed to the weaker me, which obviously I dint approve of.

Reached Home quite late that night. The best part about going home is obviously the food and warm welcome.
It was a Friday, and my mom dint let me watch any show that day, coz she had a point there - had to wake up early next day, so she made us all go to bed early - it was 1am - do you call it early - I do..!! :P

Saturday, The 25 Apr'09

My mom literally woke me up at 4 am sharp, and I know you guys can imagine, how it would have felt. I had had barely 3 hrs of sleep. My first words were - "You guys go ahead, I don't feel like it. Just let me sleep." :P But, now that I had made such a drama out of that off day business, I had to go. I got up and like a zombie started walking towards the washroom. At first I was not even ready to change and then, even I am surprised what went into me that i got a proper bath, got a head wash, and came out all prim and proper, Yes it was a shocker for my mom.

So we were all set - my Mom, my cousin and me, and were waiting for the cab to come over. So, this time when amazingly I was all ready the cab was 1 hr late. Still we started at 5 and off we went, We were going to my place in Gajraula, where my father and grand parents were already waiting for us to reach so that we could all start towards the place together.
My father had all plans set to torture me with his 1000 decades old songs, but I am smarter, there was not resistance from my side this time - I carry my music on my phone ;)
The journey was fun (I love long drives).

Everyone including me was so happy to see each other after such a long time, I was goin there after so many years, all my memories came back afresh. My Every summer vacation was spent there. I swear we children were a complete menace. :D

So now that I was there, started the feed Nidhi mission. I ate as soon as i reached, do you believe it..! I was so tired and full, that i dint even bother to take my plate, just reclined on the diwan and slept for 2-3 hours. I got up with a start from the noises and found so many people around me conversing and eating, what was this, i could not even imagine about eating.
But....But... when they saw that i had gotten up, i was forced to eat again [ :O :'( ], I DINT KNW WHERE TO HIDE MYSELF. There were no options, and being so nice, I really dint want to hurt their sentiments by saying no and the food was so yummy, still it dint seems like to me at that time. Somehow I managed to finish portions of everything that was laid on my plate. I literally ran out of the room as soon possible and again went back to my sleep.
I had already promised to myself that I wont have any dinner. But I was so wrong. The dinner had - Kadi and roti and ounces of home made ghee, and baby natural hai khaao. Undoubtedly it was finger licking yummy, but mere pet pe itna zulm haye..

Sunday, The 26 Apr'09

3 am in the morning and I wake up with severe stomach ache, Heat ache and even my leg was aching - trust me, it was unbearable. I actually saw the night turning into the morning and wished I had not eaten that much, Now that i was awake, i dint let even my mom sleep. Dont ask me anything and i obviously wont give any explanations. So this was it. My off was completely spoilt :((. still it was fun till the time i was fine, i really got to have so yummy food, after such a long time, farm fresh Food, milk, lassi ...mmmmm.
So, it was Sunday, and time for us to depart, from the place I love, sadly enough I had to go to office the next day. But yeah, I really dint want to miss the roadies finale :P ( That was the bright side). I'd rather not talk abt the journey, it was tiring and as i had not had a proper sleep from past two nights, my head was spinning badly and my whole body was aching - Bimari ka ghar bani hui thi by God..!!

All in all it was fun, and i loved visiting the place. And the roadies finale was even better :D . I dint want Palak to win ever, and i dint feel Kiri to be that deserving, yeah I would rather have voted Sufi anytime. But yeah even Nauman is not bad, so it was good.

So there I was back home, with great new memories and not the regular sad weekend.


Current Excitement: I am planning to adopt a dog :D. M Really sooo excited abt it.
Current nervousness: I had not got any registered dogs or dog owns for Havanese :((
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be something really weird ---- (Yeah guys sorry --- I know its still pending... needed to conserve finances :(
Current High: The wish to own a pup and now even my family has agreed. What more do i want?
Current Low: I am sadly getting no clue about where to start, i have searched the Google throughout, but am not getting any info even no account of Havanese owners. :''((
Current To Do: Makeover one of my Other blog and obviously My hairdo ;) its happening this month.


Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments and something of the above changes. And as Promised... cut it...as stated I'll be more active on this one.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Today - 21 Apr'09 - The Past week..!!

Heya Peoples....

I know its been quite a while since I was away, and there was no news from my side on this Blog as promised in the previous post. So here I am today after exactly a month, to take out all.

As it would have been clear, this past month I was too occupied with My medical visits and yes THE JOB too was keeping me busy.

The bad part is when I started writing this post, I was literally in high spirits, saved it as a draft, and after two hours straight I come back with a little low mood. Why can't some people just stay where they are - Away from MY LIFE, STOP interfering and telling me what I gotta do - Get a reality check dude - look into yourself and tell me what you do and then point a finger to me. (I know cant say that on his face - one of my seniors - today he completely made my life hell.)

Hmm... to start with..... I tell you guys, these doctors and specially Hospitals are like vultures, rather leeches, who wont leave you until who are completely out of your money, patience and totally forgotten for what reasons you approached them. I literally met one of these kind of a doctor (surgeon). I had to go under this minor surgery and he was making quite a big deal out of it. I mean he called me three times in a day and then returned us...and then at the end he tells us, I have to get admitted. (Just because he had come to know - I had this cashless insurance card) And after what to say some half hour discussion rather heated argument, I had a fight with him. And guess what I get to hear from the receptionist..?? she refuses to even enter my details and tells me - "First satisfy the doctor." and this actually infuriated me -"Since when this has started to happen? The doctors needs to satisfy the patient or is it vice-versa these days" she had it from me and then the doctor came walking down, and I dunno why started shouting at me at the reception are and that obviously was his biggest mistake. :D :P

So, I walk out without the surgery and go to a better Hospital. The best surgeon I could ever meet. He is actually a gem and soooo sweet. He was a very senior surgeon and still treat even my minute problem very sweetly, still, I knew this time I would be having it under local anesthesia, still I was confident and doctor for sure got me at ease. It was just a 20-30 min thing, painful yes, but I finally got rid of that painful abscess. It was so relieving.

And then followed the weeks of dressings... which were really painful, but yeah couldnot help and guess what the doc had to say - "hey you have now become a strong girl!" ... yeah.. I guess so.. :)

Nothing exciting in my life, for the past month, except, the job taking most of my weekdays and weekends. The scene everywhere is the same and so no comments there. Still I look forward for the sun to rise and shower his warm blessings on me, and Yes, a better future ahead :P

So that's that. Now that I am all fit and fine, I'll promise...cut it..say I'll be more active from now on. :)

Current Excitement: Planning for a gang outing, hope it turns out well :)
Current nervousness: Hope Everything goes well on my career front..**fingers crossed**
Current Anticipation: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?/// ---- My Mom's gonna kill me if it turns out to be smthin really weird ---- (Yeah guys sorry --- I knw its still pending... needed to conserve finances :(
Current High: Going home this weekend :)
Current Low: Waiting for that opportunity. Dunno, it will come or not :'(
Current To Do: Makeover one of my Other blog.

Anyways.. Ciao all.. Will obviously keep u all posted with new developments and something of the above changes. And as Promised... cut it...as stated I'll be more active on this one.

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