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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend - 14 Feb'09 to 18 Feb'09

Hm so the 14 was great, many plans made and canceled. And when i think about it now, i just laugh out loud, for expecting so much so soon, so that's that. When no plans came to my rescue or rather went into my favor, i finally decided to go out shopping, and guess what the whole Mall, was decorate in all red and white balloons and hangings, and everywhere it seemed people had come out to not express but prove their Love and to Say, that they don't fear anymore and they have the right to it.

I was not that in great mood to shop, so i just picked some quick utilities and also its better to wait for the new collection rather than wasting money... ( to tell you the truth, there was that huge waiting queue even for the trial rooms, that i dropped the idea of shopping all together.) Rather I decided to get my sis for a hair cut, and believe me its the best and that has inspired even me to get rid of my locks too :D i am actually very very excited for the look i have chosen for myself, just hope everything goes well.

Next day, Sunday, was again as i said, booked for my pending birthday treat. We went to this very interesting Mexican restaurant, called Sancho's in South Ex, believe me guys, it was amazing. Being a Sunday, they had arrangements for buffet style servings and we went mad over the food, and not to forget the desserts, i fell in love with the fruit Tart, oh i can still feel the mouth watering taste of it..UUMMMmmmmm......
So, then we went Window shopping, and again nothin new for me, i totally fell in love with these sandals i saw, oh they are amazingly beautiful, but to add to my sadness, they dint had my size in that collor, so i had to drop it, and i am gonna get those this weekend. :D...Yippeee...

I am badly waiting for the sale to end and the new collection to come in, I am badly in need of a good bag, common now, nothings left in the stores anymore. :(

Mon, Tue and Wed saw some big amount of work coming my way, which kept me completely occupied, an explains my absence from the blogs.
And well, thigs are finally going straight in my life, less of complications and just hapiness and bliss, finally its going the way i wanted it to. Hope this remains for quite a while.

That all for the moment, will sure keep you posted...!!!

Love ;)

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