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Friday, March 6, 2009

Day Today - 6 Mar'09 - Saturdays are Now Working :( :(

Saturdays are working for me.... boohoohoo... **sniff**sniff**. No more packing up on Fridays, Instantly the week has become so long... humph.

The day today - I came into the office without any feeling of bliss. Fridays used to be stressful but still we could see the the silver lining of Saturday being an off day. But yeah the bombshell of Saturday becoming working fell on all of us, and they think by allowing casuals on that day, they can make up.... :( :( BIG NO..!!

The happy feelings have gone... **sniff**sniff** Saturday being working just doesn't fit in. Alright, it might be just a half day, but still it is working and what chance would we have of leaving office at half day, if theirs still job to be done... aagghh.

text describing the image ... The world seems to be crashing over .... well that seems to be an overstatement. GAWD... I cant believe how much I cribbed about it... but I think you guys would agree, that it is bad :(. heeh.. okyes I wont start again. Coz you guys have had enough of my cribbing, and I know all of you are busy. and too stressed out yourselves to listen to my cribbing... ok ok I am stopping here... dont kill me ok. :)

Current Excitement: Gotta shop and order for the shoe I am dying to get my hands rather feet on.
Current nervousness: I am planning for a Hairstyle makeover... How would the new Look turn out to be....?///
Current Anticipation: Whether I would be able to leave office at half day...???///
Current High: The idea of getting those shoes..finally :D
Current Low: Saturday being working and what if I dont get those shoes....

So, that's the Update on the current Heart, Soul & Mind situation.

For the rest... will keep you posted..!!

And for the achievement part, I have finally been able to get a net connect activated from My cell phone, that you can connect to he PC, so finally net would be on and I would be more regular... yippee...!! :) Ciao.


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

mat puchhoo...humara toh pehle hi weekend nhi tha ..ek second saturday tha..kaminey university ne wo bhi chhin liya :(

I can understand ur pain :P

иidhi S said...

heeheh... but things were much better at my side... evn my college used to be off on saturday, when I went into the University, saturday's used to be off there too and even in my job it was the same.....But not anymore...buhuhu... The pain is much bigger. But, Thanks for understanding. :)

rahul said...

Well even I have sometimes come to office on saturdays..but I have always made a plan for the later part to hang out wid friends in gurgoan..so I can't really understand ur pain :P

nice blog!!

Robert A Vollrath said...

In America (USA) back in the 90s there was a movement to give us a six day work week without additional vacation time. My state Missouri was to be the first state to adopt this new law.

I fought against this behind the political scenes and my side won:) The movement died in Missouri and I still dislike hearing about people being forced to work on Saturdays.

иidhi S said...

@ Rahul.. hmm

u wud when ur saturday wud officially becom ur working day. :)

thank sfor stopping by.

иidhi S said...

@ Robert

I wish we cud do this... but you know, its when u r into d system u cant challenge d system itself.

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