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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Today - 12 Feb'09

Day today, too has nothing to boast about, the regular - arguments and gossips. Work obviously remains the vital part -LOL-

Day again rose, with morning rush for getting ready, today was to expect extra efforts on my creative mind to wear something even I am not confident about, and with the regular awes and raised eyebrows from the female colleagues, anyways, now that i know i can carry it, irrespective of any looks i get or constant remarks on my guts for such experimenting.

This done, office again was the same as always, constant jabbering s from colleagues and clashing tempers were the theme for today's day at work, and with my temper being at the lose today not a good for the counterparts. The Headline story still remains, The lunch break, which had Fried rice - all made by me, and yeah waiting for one's food to get served always forces us towards over-eating, and any friend's served lunch (obviously on the same table) becomes the Hot Target for everyone's attack and respite for the hungry stomachs. After the first half's grueling work, one obviously gets a bigger appetite.
Second half has nothing interesting to talk about though, except a bit of work.

Plans for home would be to watch the pending movies, still waiting to seen by me, hope no tele-shows interests me today. But then, not my fault again, what would you chose between - watching T.V. on just a click of the remote, or to set up the Laptop with the hanging on the head knowledge of wrapping that all up in a very sleepy state, no so this always makes me to chose my television over the Lappy :) second would be to try cook food today or stick to some fruit diet for dinner, well would always depend on my mood when i reach home. Hey that reminds me to get awarded for a record breaking achievement of not eating any Maggi the whole week, only healthy and good food had been the Target for this week and yippeee, i have just 2 more days to go in fulfilling it, ( I am not counting sunday :P, coz - you never know).

This brings to the end of the jist, of today, and any new actions would obviously be updated.

By the way - sad news is I wont be able to watch Bedtime Story on the big screen **sniff**sniff** have to do with the small screen - - boohoohoo.

Ciao..!! :)

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